Language Hub - English Edition

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This Language Hub template is a great choice for anyone who wants to learn a new language or improve their existing skills. It is a Notion template that helps you manage your learning resources, track your daily studying, and review your vocabulary with flashcards and practice with a spaced repetition system.

A bare template without pre-made flashcards at a low price.

Language Hub

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What's inside?

Spaced Repetition

Practice your flashcards with a Spaced Repetition method this technique involves reviewing information at increasing intervals of time.

  1. Type the answer or complete the task.
  2. When you complete the flashcards review, just click on “Verify your answer”.
  3. The next review will be automatically programmed based on your answers.

Weekly Study Program
Test yourself with five engaging exercises.


  • Input your favourite YouTube & TikTok videos, Instagram Post, podcasts, articles and more.
  • Tag your resources by reading, listening, grammar, vocabulary and writing.
  • Follow the status of your resources: Not Started, In Progress and Learned.
  • Store your resources by Platforms and Accounts to practice your learning skills.


The vocabulary is categorised by:

  • Part of Speech
  • Level
  • Topics (16 groups - 73 sub groups)

See your progress after you complete the flashcards. These statistics will be updated automatically every year, so you can track your long-term improvement and celebrate your achievements.

The illustrations cover are included for:

  1. Part of Speech
  2. Level
  3. Language cover and icons

English, French, German and Japanese.
Spanish coming soon.

What are the benefits included?

  • Non-recurring payment.
  • Neat and simple to use.
    No getting lost in your Notion space.
  • The spaced-repetition system is automatic.
    You only need to drag and drop.
    APIs are not necessary.
  • Study vocabulary using your favourite webs.
    Choose the words that would you like to learn.
  • Create a daily language learning habit.
  • Instant insight into your progress.
  • Train your memory with challenging exercises.
  • Store your treasured words and resources.

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Can I personalize my template?

Of course, that's the magic of Notion. Modify whatever you want, but carefully with formulas to let the template work.

I have some questions about the template, where can I find help?

If you have any issues or enquiries, please contact me.

  • Guidebook with short videos and more.

Can I share it with my team/friends?

No, this is a personal license for individual use. Distribution or reselling is prohibited.

Does this work on the accessible version of Notion?

Yes, all you need is a free account plan.

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A digital system to make a habit of learning English. Include:

📋 User Guide
Video clips
🛒 Access
⬇️ Updates
✉️ Customer support
🖼️ Aesthetic covers
Dark & Light | New languages updates
📦 Flashcards
+ 1500 English flashcards
🔊 British audio
+ IPA pronunciation
🖼️ Flashcard image
✏️ Sentence example
+ audio
⌛ Spaced repetition
🧠 Active recall
📈 Statistics
📖 Languages
2 extra of your choice
📜 IELTS vocabulary
6 levels
🏷️ Topics categories
16 groups - 73 sub groups
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Language Hub - English Edition

4 ratings
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